My Craftherapy By Wanda

Prayer shawl ministry is a ministry that I enjoy engaging in by sitting in prayer while crocheting each stitch that goes into making a beautiful, colorful, soft shawl. And it is made with love and care.

Making prayer shawls is a way for me to show God’s unconditional love for us as the shawl will bring you comfort while wrapped snuggly within. The shawls provide warmth, comfort, and cover. It is also ideal for someone who is experiencing medical complications.

 Often, the older population may feel cooler and the shawl will promote warmth. Wrapping yourself in a prayer shawl can promote a feeling of being more connected with God

Shawls are used for:

  • Comfort after a loss in a time of bereavement or life stressors
  • Undergoing medical procedures
  • Prayer or meditation
  • Nursing a baby
  • Ministry to others, graduation, special occasions such as wedding, baby shower, holiday gift, or recovery from illness.

***A personalized prayer comes with each shawl