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Have you loss a loved one and unable to move forward with life? Overwhelmed with sadness, guilt, loneliness,despair? Are you afraid of death?

About this Event

Losing a loved one is never easy no matter if it is the death of a parent ,spouse, child ,friend or a beloved pet. Questions almost always arise from the people left behind. How do you go on ?

For anyone going through the loss of someone close , life does get better in time. You can leave behind your grief and begin a journey towards happiness and peace. By allowing God to guide you through the dark waters, the sun will shine again.

Wanda will share inserts from her book, “Coping with the loss of a loved One”

•First acknowledge your feelings

•Ways to heal the heart

•Release the guilt if you feel as if you could have /should have done more
while your loved one was alive

•discuss ways of being less fearful of death

(This is a zoom event and the link will be sent to you)