Loneliness after losing someone due to sudden death

Oh my, so much is going in the world today. The Coronavirus has creeped up and caught us off guard. Unfortunately, it has affected many and caused unexpected deaths. How do we cope with losing someone that, maybe a month ago, had perfect health? This makes it an unexpected death and unexpected deaths are more stressful and difficult to process.
Sometimes after losing a loved one, you may find yourself alone. There are various reasons one may be alone. It could be death, divorce, few family members, lack of support system. How do you manage without falling into a state of depression or overwhelmed with anxiety?
In my book, “Coping with the loss of a loved one”, one area covered when finding yourself alone and wondering how to manage is to reach out to someone whom you trust and feel comfortable confiding in. If you are not able to reach out to someone physically then with today’s technology, reach out via phone, zoom, virtual communication. At a time, such as this, I suggest to text less and call the friend/ family and hear their voice or face-time. It will be much more effective.
The goal is to form a bond with someone that you trust and share your feelings. Know that you are not alone. If your spiritual walk is important to you, talk to God about your feelings. I can’t stress enough just how therapeutic journaling can be since we’re stuck on the inside due to current social distancing and there’s a story inside of you. Begin to jot down your thoughts of what your story is. What do you feel the need to share? Remember, this social distancing will not last always.

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