This is the22nd  of January and I’ve been talking about writing a blog for over a year. One thing I’m a pro at is procrastination. Well, I’m finally tired of thinking of doing something almost every morning and never bring it into fruition. Today it stops, finally, my first blog. So much to write about. So much that I want to express but that will come in time. Today, I have a question for you..want has God called you to do or task to complete but you continuously put off until later, and later, and later? I challenge you as this new year begins, put into action whatever God is calling you to do and at least make one step. Make at least one attempt to carry out that task. My assigned task for this year 2020 is to lift up those who struggle with grief of losing a loved one, be it family member, friend, pet, etc. Whatever that loss may be, it can be a struggle to move on and accept the change that comes with living. It’s painful but you can bear it and I feel comfortable saying that it will get time. I’ve had to learn that on my own. My intention is to post every two weeks or once a month..not sure as of yet but hang in there with me and spread the word. Be encouraged and know that God will bring you through. Now, I’m proud of myself for having completed this personal assignment. My hope/ prayer is that my words uplift and encourage.

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