Life can be beautiful but often times situations can and will occur to make life challenging. Some of us require more assistance than others in order to press through to find their way back from the darkness. I believe, your words can be therapy to promote a positive frame of mind, elevate self-esteem, provide encouragement to press on in life no matter how rough the path. Words are powerful. Mywordtherapy is a place where words are used to heal, encourage, motivate and to remind you that you can press particularly after losing someone you loved dearly.

About the book:

This is Wanda’s first published work and she is excited about it. Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when that person is your mom. How do you move on with your life when your best friend has been in your care, and you’ve watched them slowly get worse? How do you go on? How do you go about rediscovering yourself?

Wanda shares her story of how God lifted her from darkness and no desire to live after the loss of her mother to a place of joy, contentment, peace, and less fear of death.

Together we will walk this journey and learn that it’s OK to feel again. We need a change of perspective, a fresh wind in our sails and the grace of a loving God to guide us through the dark waters of grief, depression, and loneliness.

She also shares prayers that brought her through as well as poetry that flowed when experiencing her deepest pain of loss.

For anyone going through the loss of someone close, understand that it’s okay to feel again. Things do get better with God’s help, you can leave behind your grief and begin a journey towards happiness and peace. By allowing God to guide you through the dark waters, the sun will shine again.

Having worked with people and listened to their life’s struggles for over 30 years,I believe in being transparent and not being afraid to share my journey and all that God has brought me through. At times, sharing your testimony and experience on this road of life can often aid others, particularly when we face crossroads and life-changing decisions must be made. I would like to introduce you to my book, “Coping with the Loss of a Loved One.” The one thing that helped me maintain my sanity during the loss of my mom was journaling. As God poured into me, I took to pen and paper. Now, I’d like to share my story of overcoming grief. Though there were moments I did not want to live, today I am at peace, content and look forward to each day God sends my way. Allow me to share my journey with you.